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The optimization of the production process and the visual presentation of the product are a key to every success. Therefore we are offering you individually made products, which fully correspond to the needs of your business.

Our custom-made manufacture will contribute maximum efficiency during the packaging process and presentation of your product, saving you time and valuable resources.

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Production process

Raw Materials

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are polyethylene thermoplastics made from petroleum. LDPE has low-density levels and only a small amount of branching. It is very flexible and easy to clean and is often used to make plastic film wrap and plastic bags. HDPE has higher density levels and has a linear structure consisting of no branching. That makes HDPE stronger and more resistant to chemicals. The raw materials used by us have high quality and excellent molding properties.


Extrusion is the first step in the production process of polyethylene. The raw materials (HDPE and LDPE) are in the form of granules, which melt under high temperature and are “blown” in a balloon-like form. This is followed by cooling down and rolling of the now ready polyethylene film. According to the customer requirements, the color of the extruded film could be changed via additives, known as “master batch”. We assure the high quality of our production throughout this complex process via strict quality control, investment in new technologies and improving the skills of our employees. 


Depending on the customer’s needs, the extruded polyethylene film can be folded in order to form specific bottom or side folds via a special machine. The semi-sleeves, films, carry bags and sacks formed in this fashion have various industrial applications. High quality color images could be printed on the folded product via flexo print.

Flexo Print

Before the roles with extruded polyethylene film enter the printing process, it is necessary to prepare the print design - our designers will offer you the perfect solution for your order. The print design is then transferred on approved and ordered photopolymer plates. We are offering you flexo print with up to 6 colors on our products. The flexo print allows the printing of high quality color images on the polyethylene film. 


The polyethylene film is cut into various bags or sacks depending on the demand. The client determines the amount of cut products that every package contains.


We offer:

  • bags and sacks with side seam
  • bags and sacks with bottom and side seal
  • bags with lip with or without tape
  • bags and sacks with perforation
  • corrugated bags and sacks
  • T-shirt carry bags
  • Die-cut carry bags with enforced handles


Recycling is the last step of our production cycle. Unlike paper, polyethylene products and particularly HDPE and LDPE, can be recycled over and over. The plastic waste, generated through production is transformed back into granules and is used for creating new products. In this way we close the production cycle and reduce the environmental impact of our production.

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